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Representation or acting alone

Pursuing your own case – the pros and cons One question which I am asked perhaps more than any other by propective clients is “Can I not make a mis-selling claim myself?” The answer, of course, is yes. You can

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A client writes about his FSAVC pension plan

An endorsement from one doctor client Doctors and teachers are my biggest group of clients mis-sold FSAVC pension plans in the 1990s. The following article was written by one of my doctor clients and published in the “The Hospital Consultant

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Paying AVCs – which scheme is best?

Paying Additional Voluntary Contributions. Is it Worth It? There are two types of pension schemes if you wish to make additional voluntary contributions for your retirement. Many of our clients confuse these as they sound similar, but are actually fundamentally

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FSAVC pension plans

FSAVC Pension Plans – why they are bad for your wealth The FSAVC is the pension plan you will likely never have heard of unless you have one. The Free-Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution pension plan, to give it its full

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Greek bail out deal

The dust appears to be settling now on the latest round of the Greek crisis. Nobody, however, should think the matter has been resolved once and for all. That will only happen when one of two things occurs: either Greece

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What to do with Greece?

The Greek crisis rumbles on, with no agreement on a long term solution. Greece has suspended its latest payment to the IMF to the end of this month, which is technically possible but highly unusual. The sort of countries to

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Lloyds fined £117 million

Lloyds Bank has today been fined £117 million by the Financial Conduct Authority (its regulator) for failing to deal fairly with PPI complains in the period March 2012 to May 2013. This comes as no surprise to me at all.

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A good day for one client….

Some days are better than others in this line of work. Some days are spent on endless and frustrating telephone calls to banks and insurers, trying to further client cases. And then there are days like today. A client called

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Charles Kennedy

Very sad to hear of the news of Charles Kennedy’s death today. He always struck me as a very decent man with the best interests of his constituents at heart. I never got the impression that he was in politics

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The EU referendum

Increasingly, it looks like David Cameron is going to ask the EU for very little in his negotiation. Setting the bar so low will enable him to claim he’s won all his “red lines” and the country should therefore vote

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